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                          Swift Update

By By Mike Swift, ARA Past President

Today Is The Day

Hello Fellow Auto Recyclers. If you are like me, what the hell happened to 2018? When they say time flies, you better believe it. I don’t know how your year was but here in Iowa at Swifts Trails End, we did better than last year but didn’t set any records. Then we get the great news this week, the price of scrap drops over 40.00 dollar per ton. I did read on facebook that seemed to be all over the country. I don’t know if it is the tariff’s or price of oil. We always hear a bunch of reasons, but do we ever really know why?

I know and I am sure you are doing the same. Trying to buy the right cars, inventory the parts, get them in the system, and make a profit.

At last year’s ARA convention, ARA is starting a mentoring program, that hopefully will get some recyclers back on the path to being more profitable. If you would like to learn more about this program contact RD Hopper, Marty Hollingshead, or myself, as recyclers, can all try to teach other a few tricks that we can share to hopefully get each other headed in a profitable direction in our businesses.

I know that my frustration is still with Inventory and how to be more accurate with making sure that I am inventorying the parts correctly. I use the tools that everyone else uses but for me, it is time for the OEM to provide Auto Recyclers that same info that the collision industry uses, so they are accurate when they do an estimate on a vehicle. It is not easy to identify parts, for example mirrors. How many different mirrors does each vehicle have. Some over 20 different types. We have to ask 20 questions to determine what the customer has and we already had to google it to see what we might have. We look stupid. Our same customer called the Dealer. The Dealer asked for the last 8 of the vin, and gave the customer and answer. In seconds. We have to take minutes to check and to double check. Auto Recyclers need Build Sheet Data today.

So another reason I am writing today, is to let you know that ARA is committed to working on another year of trying to get us this information. The last 2 years we had HR2460 and sponsored by Adam Kinzinger, from Illinois. So now with a new year, new congress, we have worked on making the language to say basically, “Just give us, Auto Recycler, what you give all of the other Auto Industries, No More, No less.”

The biggest part of this comes at a cost. ARA PAC fund needs our help today. I know that we just got over elections and candidates asking for money but today is the day. It is raining! More and more Auto Recyclers are closing their doors. So if we want to continue and provide our customers with OEM parts with a more affordable price, then we need invest some money in the ARA PAC. We need to make sure that ARA can be in front of the right people. Consumer People, OEM, the list goes on.

A lot of people can join in on this and I am asking today for our industry. If you can contact me and commit $50.00 a month, $100.0 per month or send a check for any amount. Please contact me at I have been asked to help with the ARA PAC fund. So I am asking today. I am committed and I need you to commit too. Our Future is in Our hands. It has to be us to help maintain what we have and hopefully get Build Sheet Data in our YMS today. If you have ay question please call me. If you agree or disagree please call or contact me.

Only We Can make this better for All Auto Recyclers

Please contact me at anytime at

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