Automotive Recyclers Association
  Scrap Market for December

It's a little early to spectate on pricing as we complete November orders still. But the fundamentals that we watch would all point to a stronger marker ahead - stronger exports sales, good domestic mill demand, and limited supply. We've all lived through turbulent times with commodities so there are no guarantees how long the momentum lasts.

Non-ferrous markets have cooled a little coming into yearend as consumers work off inventories to clean up their books. I look to early 2024 for stronger markets.

Currently- ferrous scale pricing is:
$200NT car bodies and sheet iron
$120NT striped car bodies
$225NT unprepared steel
$250NT 3' steel
$315NT clean steel wheels (no chrome)

Non-ferrous Indications per lb:
#1 Copper - $3.45
#2 Copper - $3.29
Clean Alum Rads - $0.46
Clean Auto Rads - $2.11
Clean Alum Rims - $0.75


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