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  Why You Should Join the Wisconsin Certified Automotive Recycler Program (WICAR)

By David Kendziorski, WICAR Program Manager, CARS of WI

These are challenging times. Sales are suffering but payroll increases. The cost of salvage rises while scrap prices remain low. The salvage pool is shrinking. You’re fighting with larger competitors with deeper pockets than you, with illegal unlicensed operators, and with Craig’s List and eBay for fewer customers still hurting from the recession. You need to figure out how best to comply with NMVTIS, the ELVS mercury removal program, a new storm water permit, possible new airbag removal requirements, and a growing mix of OSHA and DNR regulations.

CARS of WI membership offers a variety of benefits that provide real value to members. One of the more useful programs that can help you raise your performance and improve your competitiveness – and deal with many of your business challenges -- is the Wisconsin Certified Automotive Recycler (WICAR) program. WICAR members agree to meet a series of safety, environmental, and regulatory standards. They receive important information and professional assistance to help meet the standards. Each WICAR member receives an annual on site audit to verify compliance, and members then become recognized as WICAR certified recyclers.

WICAR is a very simple, affordable way to help you improve your business and comply with regulations. Such state certification programs are especially popular in the Midwest: Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana all have similar certification programs. WICAR was the first state certification program in the USA! Typically about one half of the association membership participates in the certification programs. Wisconsin is on par: there are currently over 30 Wisconsin recyclers who participate in WICAR.

Here’s a sample of some of the more important benefits of
• The opportunity to network and share ideas with the
most successful recyclers in Wisconsin
• Information on state and federal regulations affecting
the auto recycling industry
• A WICAR Guidance Manual that explains each of the
industry-leading standards
• The CARS of WI Safety Compliance Manual that
clearly explains how to meet OSHA safety regulations
• Compliance with the new OSHA Right to Know
(HazCom) requirements
• Employee training for forklift operation, HazCom,
airbag shipping (hazardous material transportation),
and torch cutting
• On site evaluation of your compliance, including
education and guidance that is specific to your facility
• A WICAR Certificate (each year you are certified)
• Help attract and build relationships with industry partners,
including regulatory agencies, scrap processors, insurers,
the collision repair industry, auto and parts manufacturers,
suppliers, and environmental organizations
• Be automatically recognized as a certified CAR
member by the Automotive Recyclers Association
(if a member of ARA), and eligible for the Gold Seal
program and use of the Green Parts logo
• Advance the image and reputation of the auto
recycling industry in Wisconsin

The total cost of participating in WICAR is $200 per year – by far the lowest cost of any certification program in the nation (costs are able to be kept low because storm water permit compliance is already handled through the CCP programs). Plus, Wisconsin is the only state where certified facilities are audited each year (all other certification programs include audits every other year).

All CARS of WI members are eligible to participate in WICAR. To join the WICAR program, please contact Sandy Dumke, CARS Executive Secretary, at 715-853-6337 or Sandy@carsofwi. com. If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact me at 414-943-1773 or dave@stormtech1. com.

WICAR Members:

All 3 Strandbergs
Auto Parts & Recycling
B&M Auto Sales & Parts
Badger Motors
Bay Auto Parts
Calumet Auto
Cleveland Auto Salvage
Conrad Auto Salvage
Cousineau Auto, Weston
Cousineau Auto, Antigo
Dependable Auto Parts
Diamond Auto Parts
Don Sharf Automotive
Elmer’s Auto
H&H Auto/A+ Foreign
Jantz Yard 4
Kadinger, Downing
Kirhhayn Auto
LKQ Smart Parts, Hustisford
LKQ Star, Janesville
LKQ Great Lakes, Milwaukee
Morrison’s Auto
Newville Auto Salvage
Remington Auto Salvage
Rhine Auto Salvage
Rhinelander Auto Salvage
Roz Auto Salvage
Smitty’s Salvage & Supply
TJ’s Auto and Collision Repair
Triple S Auto (A&D)
Wally’s U-Pull, Omro
Wally’s U-Pull, West Bend


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