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                          From the Secretary’s Desk

By Sandy Dumke

I hope you all had a very nice summer and an enjoyable Labor Day. I want to apologize for the incorrect information in my last newsletter article. The annual meeting will be October 14, 2017. It will be at Rhine Auto in Plymouth. The board has decided to have just a round table discussion and the annual meeting. That way owners and managers will only have one day away from the office. Watch for more info to come.

It is the CARS of WI Board of Directors’ goal to help educate your employees but without the help and participation from YOU, the owners, it is impossible to do that. CARS and the Board of Directors spend time and money to put an educational seminars for your employees and the turnout is low.

CARS of WI will be celebrating our 60th anniversary in 2019. We want to plan a huge celebration but will need your help. Wisconsin is one of the longest running state associations in the United States. Sixty years ago, there were several people with a vision for the recycling business. How to collectively make this industry something to be proud of. They wanted to change the image of the JUNK YARD into something that was respected by more people and make more money for their companies.

These pioneers stepped up to the plate and organized a great association and I hate to see it crumble. To sit back and expect somebody else to do the work is not the way to keep this association going. Most of you have attended some of the educational seminars and the Upper Midwest Recyclers Convention and Trade Show. You said you learn some clever ideas you can use to improve your yard. I am a big believer that every person that attends a seminar or convention will see something that will make your yard safer and even help make more money. These are your employees and if you do not ask them for information or ideas they learned by attending these events you are not doing your job. You must keep your business fresh and improve it when you can.

CARS of WI members have many things to decide on at the annual meeting in October. We know that if there is nothing SUPER IMPORTANT or DEVISTATING HAPPENING in the industry everyone sits back and does nothing. We all need to get involved and help improve this industry or we will not have a business to run in the future.

Some things that has been discussed is changing the annual meeting to be the same weekend as the Upper Midwest convention, changing the numbers of directors, and spending more money on big speakers in hopes of getting more people to attend our meetings. CARS of WI members, please plan to attend this important meeting.

Sorry for my ranting but I love this association and this industry. I have been on the board or the secretary since 1972 (except for a couple years). I hope you all see the importance of a good viable association and will do your part to keep it going.

Hoping to see you in October.



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