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                          From the Secretary’s Desk

By Sandy Dumke

The holidays are gone for another year and I hope you all had a wonderful season. Now we are into the winter months. We will have snow, sleet, ice and rain and we should all be careful when working. If you are working in the yard, shop, shipping, delivery or sales and office you still need to watch what you are doing. Having a broken leg or arm at this time of year is no fun.

We are in the process of getting the Upper Midwest Convention planned. The vendor booklet has been mailed. The attendee booklet will go out the first part of March. The dates are May 17 & 18 in Black River Falls. For the people that like to come early we will have a golf outing on May 16 in the morning. In the afternoon we will be going to Elmer’s Auto & Toy Museum in Fountain City. Elmer’s has a salvage yard on the highest point along the Mississippi River, but most of all they have a museum. It is a toy museum along with lots of antique vehicles. I have been told they have the biggest pedal car collection in the country. We will have a bus going to Elmer’s, so you can enjoy the company of fellow recyclers and the great scenery.

The list of speakers will be great and the trade show is going to be one of the best ever. Watch for more info to come and mark these dates on your calendar. Remember the dates are May 16,17 & 18 2019.

One other thing is we are doing is moving the CARS of WI Annual meeting to this Upper Midwest Convention because many of you have said they don’t want to have a separate annual meeting. Minnesota has changed their annual meeting to the Upper Midwest convention to give their members a chance to hold both meetings at the same time. The annual meetings will be on Saturday, May 18 in the afternoon. The CARS board has made a change in the by-laws to allow two people from the same yard serve as directors. As in every year, we will have room on the board for new directors. We replace 4 or 5 directors each year. The commitment is a three-year term and I highly recommend if there are any people who would like to come on the board to let us know. As in everything else, if you find that you can not complete the three years of your term, you have the option to be replaced. So, do not be afraid to be on the board, you will enjoy it and learn a lot from all the different directors.



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