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  Scrap Market for November

It's been an interesting year where tradition insights have diverged. Gas prices are coming down as we head into November. Normally this is the benchmark commodity that most use for predicting all others. In this case, I think there will be a delta with scrap metal and we could fall into old patterns of up money in winter. The recent news that Ford and the UAW reached a tentative agreement is a welcome sign. Supply remains very tight and more mills will be entering the November trade. Assuming our leaders keep the Middle East from boiling over I expect November to fall back to August/September levels.

Current scale pricing:
Sheet Iron & Car Bodies w/ Engines - $175.NT
Unprepared Steel - $215.NT
#2 Prepared - $240.NT
Clean Auto Cast - $240.
NT Clean Steel Rims - $315.NT

Non-ferrous Indications as of 9/21/23
#1 Copper - $3.21
#2 Copper - $3.12
Clean Alum Rads - $0.43
Clean Auto Rads - $2.00
Clean Alum Cast - $0.46
Batteries - $0.10


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