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We are Jake and Katy of Rocki Top Auto, 2nd generation owners. Our dad Bob Nawrocki, started Rocki Top in 1984 with his wife Holly by his side. Bob and Holly moved from Chicago area in the early ‘70’s and began farming. By 1986 they had 7 children and were quickly realizing farming wasn’t for them. Bob fell into parting out cars, and his eldest son Adam was instrumental in getting cars inventoried with the old catalog card system. Adam also talked our parents into trying the Orion system. That propelled them into the online world. Although Adam moved on and made a great career for himself in IT, he was the driving factor in the current success of Rocki Top today.

In 1998 Jake became business partners with Bob. Jake and his wife Sylvia raised two children while the business grew. Sylvia stayed home to homeschool and support Jake as he worked tirelessly for years. Whenever Sylvia would bring in lunch or baked goods we knew we were in for a treat. Sylvia still brings in treats and makes amazing meals for our employee picnics. Their children are now adults and finding their own way in the world. No longer having children at home to teach, Sylvia joined us at the shop. Have you ever noticed those great pictures of parts on car-part? There is a good chance you have her to thank for that. In 2006 Katy joined the team. Katy and her husband have 4 children. Katy is still in the trenches with younger children and brings them all to work with her as she homeschools while keeping up with her duties at Rocki Top. Katy’s children have been coming to Rocki Top from as little as two weeks old. It brings extra crazy into our world, but it’s a family business and we wouldn’t have it any other way. (Ever hear kids screaming in the background while on the phone with Rocki Top? Those were Katy’s kids.

In 2009 Jake and Katy bought Rocki Top from their dad. Year after year changes and improvements have been made to make Rocki Top more successful and able to grow and expand. Our first shop was 20’x40’. A lot was done in that small space, 15 years later a 60’x60’ shop was added. By 2020 we knew we needed more space. We were bursting at the seams and could do no more with the space we had. In 2022 we moved into our new five bay shop and wishing we had more space. In 2023 we added a loading dock to make more space. In 2022 we became a gold seal certified automotive recycler and will work hard to keep up that certification. We have grown from a couple of family members working together to 10+ employees. What does the future hold for Rocki Top? More wear house space is being planned and every year a little more cement is poured to continuously improve the space we have. Rocki Top continues to be a family friendly company. Jake and Katy’s brother Andy works with the company along with some of their children, nieces, and in-laws. God has blessed Rocki Top richly and we are grateful for all he has done. At Rocki Top we believe that there is nothing good that has happened of our own fruition, but that God has shown his mercy and favor upon us. We are a 2nd generation yard and time will determine if it is to be a 3rd generation yard.

Note: There was an article on Rocki Top in the ARA “Protecting the Industry for 80 Years” “1943 – 2023 Commemorative History”.


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