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Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin is our state association for professionals in the automotive recycling industry. It is the only state association specifically designed to increase the efficiency and profitability of business in the automotive dismantling and recycling industry, while continuing to preserve and protect our environment.

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President's Desk
Hopefully life is being good to you all and you are finding your sanity now that the kids have gone back to school. It is rather quiet since our kids have gone back, but the jury is out as to whether I am enjoying it or not. Over the summer they were quite an asset for us by learning to answer phones and doing some simple tasks. Maybe some of you had the pleasure of having one of them assist you. It’s always great when the younger generation takes an interest in learning about our industry and offering new perspectives.

The CARS Board of Directors is busy tying up loose ends for our upcoming Annual Meeting October 4th and 5th. I hope you have all marked your calendars for this event. We have some great educational forums for owners and employees on upcoming industry innovations, and the unemployment system. Also up this year is an introduction to a new program available through WICAR dealing with OSHA compliance and safety. During the meeting portion of the weekend, we will be giving you updates on all of the work we have been doing on your behalf, scholarship distribution and seeking your votes on a number of things. Don’t be a bystander in the future of your industry! We are your Board of Directors, representing you and your businesses. This is your opportunity to let us know how you think we are doing and where you would like to see changes made. We can be a much more effective team if we know where you stand on issues and what you expect from us. There are also some spots open on our board for those of you who would like to take on a new challenge. read more.

2013 Car-Part Industry Conference
After hearing much positive feedback about previous Car-Part Conferences, we decided we needed to check it out for ourselves. So we took the Amtrak train to Cincinnati and attended our first Car-Part Conference. Thanks to having to share the tracks with every freight train around; an employee who couldn’t figure out that if you add too many train cars you can’t get up a hill; read more.

2013 Car-Part Annual Training Conference
For four years now, folks at have been putting on an annual Training Conference. What really goes on down there? Is it more than the legendary hospitality with river boat cruises and Baseball games? Absolutely!

First off, most of us don’t have half an idea what our Inventory Management Software is capable of. These are so sophisticated in the reports and functionality, you ought to be taking full advantage of what you are paying for every month. read more.

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