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Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin is our state association for professionals in the automotive recycling industry. It is the only state association specifically designed to increase the efficiency and profitability of business in the automotive dismantling and recycling industry, while continuing to preserve and protect our environment.

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Why You Should Join the Wisconsin Certified Automotive Recycler Program (WICAR)
These are challenging times. Sales are suffering but payroll increases. The cost of salvage rises while scrap prices remain low. The salvage pool is shrinking. You’re fighting with larger competitors with deeper pockets than you, with illegal unlicensed operators, and with Craig’s List and eBay for fewer customers still hurting from the recession. You need to figure out how best to comply with NMVTIS, the ELVS mercury removal program, a new storm water permit, possible new airbag removal requirements, and a growing mix of OSHA and DNR regulations.

CARS of WI membership offers a variety of benefits that provide real value to members. One of the more useful programs that can help you raise your performance and improve your competitiveness – and deal with many of your business challenges -- is the Wisconsin Certified Automotive Recycler (WICAR) program. WICAR members agree to meet a series of safety, environmental, and regulatory standards. They receive important information and professional assistance to help meet the standards. Each WICAR member receives an annual on site audit to verify compliance, and members then become recognized as WICAR certified recyclers.
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From the Secretary’s Desk
By Sandy Dumke

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. The election is over and we have a new President. I have good wishes for the economy. Hopefully the price of scrap will go up. It has been a long time of low prices and stagnant business.

The annual meeting was enjoyable for everyone that attended. Dan Donegan from Motor Service & Machine gave a very good and informative seminar. We were asked to bring him back so he will be at the Upper Midwest Convention. He will have more information and new technology at that time. The round table featured Mike Swift, the ARA President. He gave us an update on the problems that ARA is watching and encouraged all of us to get involved. This is our association and if we let the governments make laws that affect our businesses and we do nothing we will all be out of business.

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From the PAST President’s Desk
By Lor’ell Rademacher

Well…here we are! My last official howdy to all of you and I would be lying if I didn’t say it is just a little bittersweet.

It has been a wonderful and exciting four years of service to our industry! There were many new experiences and challenges. I met tons of new people; whether fellow recyclers, political representatives, vendors, or other service professionals, they were all incredibly passionate and unbelievably knowledgeable about our challenges. But the best experience was being blessed to work with a great board of directors who; although extremely busy with their own businesses, families, and lives, still took the time to volunteer and be as involved as they could in shaping our association. Without the support and cooperation of everyone, we would not be able to achieve such awesome things for CARS – for all of you, our fellow recyclers! I cannot say thank you enough.

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